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And kids.” With her extensive dating history, Smirnoff and her best friend and manager Rielly candidly dish about their dates with A-listers and regular guys, including crazy pickup lines and the wild antics of potential suitors, in their new book. I pretty much ignore these reality show couples because I get enough trashy gossip from the news without being subjected to the fattening goodness that is American reality television.Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were the dance world's prime duo. The jig's up for Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff.According to People, Karina's rep confirmed yesterday that the pair have called off their engagement.' Maks, 28, proposed to Karina, 31, in January of this year.There was even news this spring that they were moving in together, but all Lopez would admit was that “they were great friends” and had “a very special relationship.” Lopez hasn’t changed his story, and instead of admitting that they’re no longer together, he’s insisting they were just friends the entire time and never lived together. He’s also “just friends” with Eva Longoria, and has been the subject of gay rumors. Lopez and Smirnoff are shown on 10/6/07 at his birthday party, so they must have broken up recently. You can say you’re no longer with someone, but don’t deny that you ever had a relationship, that’s cold!Maybe this is true and a mountain was just made out of a publicity molehill: at EA’s Need for Speed Pro Street video game launch party on November 14. I don’t know where that rumor started.” Photos tell a different story. They are also seen out at a 50 Cent show on 9/8/07, and holding hands in Paris on 7/7/07, which must have been for Eva Longoria’s wedding. Thanks to PRPhotos and Splash News for those pictures."He had a lot of constructive criticism because he has been on both sides now, as a judge and as a dancer, and he knows how much work we put in every week getting the dances ready.

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But the Ukrainian performer had nothing to worry about.The engagement seemed the fairy tale ending to their rapport as colleagues and a fresh, new meaning to the word "partner." So what happened?