Healthy dating and relationship updated

30-Aug-2017 12:55

Dating is one of those things that can really change the course of someone’s recovery.Dating in recovery can be confusing, whether it’s two addicts in a relationship or a “normie” and addict dating.If someone is overly jealous or insecure he may not be able to trust his partner, which can cause unhealthy arguments and accusatory behavior.

We can offer suggestions and guidelines, but ultimately you’re an individual with your own set of needs, experiences, and perspective.

If you are looking for a partner or are in a relationship, it is helpful to know the qualities of a healthy relationship in order to determine whether your relationship is worthwhile or unhealthy.

People who end up in abusive relationships often overlook the signs of an unhealthy relationship such as extreme jealousy, threats, poor communication and insecurity.

If you’re in a relationship with a recovering drug addict or in recovery yourself, there are factors to consider that may not be present in a relationship with somebody who is not an addict.

That is, the experience of addiction, the behaviors associated with drug addiction, and the process of recovery can impact the way we interact with others.

There are some general statements often made about people in early recovery and relationships.