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16-Sep-2017 21:12

Truthfully, the sign out front prohibiting us from entering the establishment with any guns or knives should have acted as a clear indication that this was not your typical “lo mein-fortune cookie-free green tea” type of Chinese eatery. ” (with an incredulous look on her face) Us: “Yes, food.” Waitress: “Chinese food? ” Us: “Yes, Chinese food.” She then walked away and returned with a menu, although given her reaction above and the dusty state of the menu, it was quite clear that this Chinese restaurant was not exactly accustomed to serving Chinese food.

And I’m not sure about your friendly neighborhood Chinese restaurants, but the ones I frequented when I was younger and living in the United States, did not require me to be thoroughly frisked by a large, leather jacket-clad man upon walking through the door. ” Us: “Um…yes, Chinese food.” Waitress: “Kurdish food? In fact, we might very well have been the first people to ever request a menu.

So, I listened to what they had to say, and after they were done yelling and screaming about their opinion on things, I asked a simple question, and I got an answer to that simple question, and I got it without hesitation.

While the Islamic State group is losing territory in its self-styled caliphate, it is tightening its grip on the estimated 3,000 women and girls held as sex slaves.Not only were we the only customers, but it was eerily dark inside, with only flashing fairy lights on the walls, which created an atmosphere that more closely resembled a brothel in the backstreets of Mumbai (from what I’ve seen in films of course). We figured one drink would be reasonable before taking off once again in search of some food.Regardless of our observations, we were willing to put this sketchiness aside and concentrate on satisfying our hunger with some Chinese food. Little did we know that the beer Anil ordered would be of the “abnormally large can” variety nor that when I asked for a “whiskey”, I was ordering an actual bottle (albeit a small one) of the stuff and not just one glass.But a flood of new cases submitted by Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) has raised concerns the probe could carry on for years.

In December the Daily Mail revealed how PIL had used an agent in Basra who allegedly cold-called a grieving widow of a dead Iraqi and persuaded her to mount a legal claim against the British Government.

But by May, an IS crackdown reduced those numbers to just 39 in the last six weeks, according to figures provided by the Kurdistan regional government.

Also lol at people here claiming he ain't Dara's type or that she has "better taste" when she's been thirsting over him for a while talking about how he's her ideal type etc.… continue reading »

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currently still living here but thinking of relocating somewhere. Family is very important to me and meeting my I am a woman who is full of life, honest, romantic, loving, caring, understanding, easy going, neat, hardworking, with a big heart and God Fearing.. I worked in human services and child protection for most of my career.… continue reading »

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Alors c’est un tchat vraiment bien fait, vous avez le choix entre plusieurs rooms avec plusieurs thèmes différents, ce qui fait, vous trouverez forcément votre bonheur la dessus.… continue reading »

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Here you can find Arabic strangers to chat with full privacy, No one can annoy you,abuse you,and disturb you,even if you want than he/she will be able to chat with you. PM lock option made this more secure and easy to use.… continue reading »

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Pink and Carey Hart celebrated daughter Willow's sixth birthday over the weekend. "The love I have for this crazy little human is indescribable.… continue reading »

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