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26-Sep-2017 08:21

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I have a nanny that comes in and helps me because Jenna doesn’t want to be a mom.She has a problem, and I don’t want to bash her because she’s the mother of my children.Amber Miller, who's dating the filthy film star's ex Tito Ortiz, claims the 42-year-old is her biggest bully!In fact, the former UFC ring girl says the momma-of-two is cyberbullying her, enlisting the help of her hundreds of thousands of Twitter and Instagram followers!But, it seems like Amber's wish has been granted, because one report says porn star must cut the crap and stay 100 yards away at all times.And based on the 38-year-old's recent social media activity, it seems like she's feeling good about this legal victory, because she posted: Tags: amber miller, breakups, bullying, instagram, jenna jameson, legal matters, love line, mma, porn, restraining order, social media, tito ortiz, twitter, ufc Hot, hot, HOT!!!The newspaper says Ortiz is sole owner of the home and lives there with their twin boys.The suit says Jameson contributed to most of the down payment and allowed Ortiz's name to be on the title with the understanding that she would have 50 percent of the financial interests.

In fact, it's apparently gotten so bad that Miz Miller has filed for a restraining order!it’s like stating the sky is blue and expecting that to be a revelation 🙄” Jameson did give her ex some support through it all, but states they are still not on good terms.“Lol liking my ex more and more before this fight #wartito.” Jameson also made it clear stating that Sonnen’s comments didn’t bother her at all, as she is familiar with being in the spotlight and also familiar with the fight game.“I just took an hour nap, myself, because I get up at 6 a.m.

every morning, and I take care of these kids Monday through Saturday.Tito Ortiz always makes a splash on any red carpet, but this time at the MTV Movie Awards he made a cannonball sized splash with his date Amber Nichole.