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The British actress insisted that they are just friends and co-workers.Watson and Simmons were photographed doing a morning jog together in Pennsylvania countryside.In 2017, Simmons will portray Commissioner James Gordon in Zack Snyder's Justice League (2017) as part of the DC Extended Universe and will reprise the character in Matt Reeves' The Batman. Emil Skoda, a police psychiatrist who has appeared on three of the four incarnations of Law & Order and New York Undercover, and as sadistic neo-Nazi inmate Vernon Schillinger on the prison drama Oz.He also stars as Ralph Earnhardt, the father of race-car driver Dale Earnhardt, in 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story.He has also appeared in a series of highly popular television commercials for Farmers Insurance.Simmons' performance in Whiplash (2014) received widespread critical acclaim and earned him more than thirty accolades, including the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award, and the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor.

"This is complete fiction," her representative told Mail Online.JOHNNY SIMMONS: Um, I just, they just kind of put me in different clothes, really. You will now be known as Neil.’ It’s a cool moment, yeah. I was just leaving to New York to go film a movie called , and I go on in at the last minute, and it’s like there’s no way in hell that I’m going to get this, like, I’ll just—but I just went in on a whim, and like a year and a half later, or maybe just like a year, Edgar—somebody was saying they were Edgar Wright], you know, on Facebook, and I was like yeah, whatever. What’s it like working with, I mean you and your character and Knives sort of strike up a weird relationship. Which was [cinematographer] Bill Pope’s, you know, two of Bill Pope’s movies. So he works all day long, fourteen, fifteen hours a day, then Saturday he goes into the editing room and then Sunday he’s hosting movies.A source also said that the 24-year-old actor and the 21-year-old actress got "serious so fast" after filming the movie adaptation of Stephen Chbosky's novel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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But Watson has provided criteria to be her boyfriend in a new interview with Daily Record newspaper. He was able to land the role of Young Neil (third from the left in the image above) in Edgar Wright’s with a valuable assist from the popular social networking site. What was that like on the set and also working with her? Our characters start dating in the book, and um, yeah, I think we—and we made up little back stories to our characters and little outtakes that we’d bring up to Edgar as a joke, and you know, kind of see different sides of stuff. I was talking before about talking to [author Bryan Lee O’Malley] and getting back story that wasn’t in the book. SIMMONS: I got like a list of things at the beginning. So he’s just obsessed with everything, you know, to do with the film industry and it’s really inspiring, you know, to watch. To be on set with him and seeing him that dedicated to something, and being so tired, where you would want to use your Saturday/Sunday to kind of take a break, you, he’s sitting there setting up movie theaters. SIMMONS: Yeah, that’s his break, which is pretty cool.

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