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Their moral status is somehow associated with their breasts.” There are instances where police feel justified in arresting topless women despite the legality of their actions. “Being lewd is when you’re adding the sexual nature behind being topless.” But the complicated task is defining lewdness.

Police have no guidelines and rely on the subjective view of the officer on duty. “Let’s say I’m topless and one of my breasts is itching so I scratch it.

“We chose the city’s top vendors to create a whimsical and luxurious style shoot at the Elm Hurst Inn in Ingersoll, Ontario,” Lauren says.

“Our choice of theme was reflective of what we felt would be trending for the 2014 wedding season.”Juxtaposed with the natural backdrop of the Inn were vintage furniture pieces, lace tablecloths and delicate floral accents.

They assumed he didn’t know that after a court ruling in 1996, Ontario’s women won the right to be publicly nude from the waist up.

If it’s legal and it’s not sexual, why don’t we see more topless women?

“We are a culture that feels we have a right to look at heavily sexualized breasts in a variety of media,” she says.

“We‘re allowed to stare but at the same time we’re very judgmental about the women to whom those breasts are attached. “Usually it comes down to being lewd,” he explains.

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By Kurt Kleiner Circumcision and other forms of male genital mutilation have always been a puzzle.

Sperm competition theory predicts that males will evolve ways to ensure that their sperm, and not another males, fertilises a females eggs.