Sandara park and g dragon dating 2016

24-Oct-2017 10:49

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In what way do you think you’re breaking the stereotype?

Most of our colour makeup ranges are all multi-functional, so it was not easy because you should be able to use that same product on your eyes, cheeks and lips and everything.

G-Dragon keeps Dara close to him — like a boyfriend! Some fans swear it’s a split-second kiss, although it looks more like he’s simply speaking to her…or just, you know, turning his head.

YG Entertainment, noticing the immediate explosion of noise surrounding the two superstars online, issued a statement today (Jan.

As for another rumored relationship, G-Dragon is often shipped with Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation.

Even after both YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment stated otherwise, the K-pop idols’ activity on Instagram was “way too similar” to the point K-pop fans think there is something between them.

Now, another relationship rumor is spreading across the internet like wildfire, and the Hallyu star in the center of it all is a K-pop idol well known for relationship rumors: G-Dragon.When YG Entertainment first announced that they would be launching a beauty brand, moonshot, to add to their belt of varied businesses, many expected them to pick Big Bang’s G-Dragon as the brand ambassador.