Validating xml against xsd in java code Sex cam live ohne registracion

16-Nov-2017 14:03

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The Java tool developed in this post requires JDK 8.

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After a few days I got an answer that they are not able to validate our example XMLs against the provided Schema so I should give a better hint how we do that.

Recently I got a question from one of our customers: how do we validate XMLs against their XSD definition?

Because we offer an XML based interface to our system, where the customers have to provide the XML data which we read into the system — and naturally we give an Exception if the provided XML does not match our expectations (which is defined in the XSD naturally).

I took the code from this tutorial and changed the line where it looks up the factory to use XML Schema 1.1 as I have seen in this code example from the Xerces FAQ.

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Property 'net/feature/xsd-version' is not recognized.

And for me it’s a possibility to enhance this version and make a GUI around the validator and so on…